Green Thing Lawn Care

Green Thing Lawn CareGreen Thing Lawn Care is St. Pete’s best choice for lawn care and landscape maintenance. We are a full-service lawn care and landscape maintenance operated by Florida natives that know how to care for your Florida lawn while keeping with the natural charm and character of your home.

A professionally manicured lawn and landscape will give your home or office a finished look.


What is “Green Thing”?

Green Thing is a way of keeping your lawn and landscape looking its best. Our professional lawn technicians use professional grade equipment that is regularly maintained to assure flawless lawn care.

Green Thing Lawn Care, formerly known as “My Thing is Green Lawn Maintenance” has been making Bay Area lawns and landscapes more beautiful and useful for over 10 years.

Our History

Owner and operator Jason McCandless, a St. Petersburg native, learned at an early age that he had a skill of making yards look better. Like most boys, Jason mowed the yards of neighbors to earn extra money. As Jason’s satisfied customers raved about his efforts, and referred him to their friends, more people called. What started as a summer job has developed into a vocation.

Over the years, Jason has added several crews to keep up with the demand. Despite the increased work-load, every job is personally inspected by Jason. Plus, every crew-member is regularly trained on the McCandless work-ethic.  Needless to say, the success of Green Thing Lawn Care is a product of hard work and a passion for making lawns look better.


Your lawn will never look better- Guaranteed. If we care for your lawn, and you’re not completely satisfied with our service, we’ll come back and make you and your lawn happy.

6 Reasons to Hire Green Thing Lawn Care

  1. You can remove “mowing the yard” from your to-do list.
  2. Your home’s lawn will be a showcase in your neighborhood.
  3. Your home’s appearance and value will be at their highest.
  4. Your neighbors will compliment your lawn.
  5. Your family will appreciate having more time with you.
  6. You can get rid of that old mover.


Testimonials from satisfied customers

"Everything looks great. You and your crew do a wonderful job." - Carol and Carl, Commercial Property Owner

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Already have a lawn service and considering someone new? Try us for free. We’ll meet to evaluate your landscape. Give you a quote. And get to work to show you what we can do. We’re confident you’ll like our professional and thorough service you’ll hire us before the grass needs to be mowed again.

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