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Brush Removal

We at Green Thing Lawn Care want your lawn to look its absolute best. So what about the dead or unwanted patches of grass and weeds that exist in your yard? We’ll clear your yard and ensure that nothing unsavory is distracting the passer-by from a look at your beautiful lawn. What if you need to dispose of some leaves or other plant vegetation? If you had your own trailer you could haul it yourself to one of the city’s brush sites, but what if you don’t? The City of St. Petersburg does not offer free brush removal and instead charges $17.70 per cubic yard of organic vegetation (the city’s current rate for hauling brush). Green Thing Lawn Care will haul and properly dispose of your unwanted leaves, plants, tree limbs, and other plant vegetation at a reasonable price.


Testimonials from satisfied customers

"Everything looks great. You and your crew do a wonderful job." - Carol and Carl, Commercial Property Owner

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